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Wearing the Cape: The Roleplaying Game


Adventure in the Post-Event World with the superhero RPG built on Fate Core,
written by Marion G. Harmon, author of the Wearing the Cape series of superhero

Wearing the Cape: The Roleplaying Game is a complete, stand-alone gamebook,
with chapters detailing the Post-Event World, hero creation, gameplay,
worldbuilding, and campaign construction. It includes:

  • 30+ Pages describing the world of the New Heroic Age, the nature of capes,
    and their role in society.
  • Complete Rules adapting Fate Core to superheroics with Power Aspects.
  • 12 Power Templates describing the archtypal superhero powers, with
    dozens of tailored Power Stunts and full Power Aspect descriptions.
  • Design Rules for creating original Power Aspects, Power Templates,
    and Power Stunts.
  • Organization, Collateral Damage, and Resource Conflict Rules to help GMs
    and players roleplay their heroes' impact on the world.
  • Campaign Design Rules and a discussion of Superheroic Realism, for GMs
    and players who wish to play varient Post-Event campaigns or create
    their own superhero worlds.