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This Game is Killer

This Game Is KILLER is a hilariously deadly party game about being hunted by an alien life form aboard a cramped cargo vessel in deep space. The object is simple: Survive at any cost — and remove the alien threat before it kills you all.

In a round, you will be dealt two cards. Each can be played as either your position on the ship (i.e., where you are) or an action (what you do). On a turn, you play one card, then after everyone has finished, play reverses and comes back around, with you playing the second card for whatever you didn't choose the first time. Thus, you always have one position and one action.

Then the alien's location is revealed. If you share that location and you have the highest priority number, you're dead. If a crew member's action kills you, you're dead. In fact, death comes pretty quickly in this game — then ten minutes later, you are all jumping back in to play again. With a bit of skill and luck, however, you may be able to isolate the alien at one of the locations that let you jettison it into space, along with any fellow crew members who happen to be there.

This isn't a deduction game; it's horror survival...if horror survival were funny.