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Kylie Says: "Finally a game that takes the idea of shufflebuilding and adds substance to it! The card play is pretty typcial but the dice rolls and damage allocation require finesse since you can pay for rerolls on both your and your opponent's rolls. The fact that the defender decides where damage to their minions goes adds another layer of depth."

Sorcerer: A Strategy Card Game
 is set in what the company describes as a grim, gaslamp lit world full of fantastic, mythical creatures and sorcery. Designed for two to four players, the game pits two ancient beings of great power against one another to determine which of their lineage are strongest. The players use sorcery to conjure minions, cast minions, and wield enchanted items to reach the game's goal of conquering three battlefields.

The game uses a simple resource system of "energy" that is determined randomly by a dice-roll at the beginning of each round, to make sure no round is the same. However, the outcome being the same for both players, the game balance stays even. This energy is then used in the Action Phase for conjuring minions from your hand on any of three battlefields, casting possessions that can improve your minion's traits and abilities; or sorcery cards with various direct effects. Also as an action you can add more energy to your Energy Pool, draw more cards, move minions to another battlefield etc. The choice is yours, it is just about your pure skill to handle the battle preparation!

2-4 Players, 60 Minutes, Ages 14+