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Paris Gondo: The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying (Boxed Set)

This game will SPARK JOY in all your friends and relatives, no matter if they’re seasoned dungeon crawlers or absolute roleplay beginners. It was tested with both Dungeons & Dragons and Powered by the Apocalypse enthusiasts. They all played TOGETHER and they had a wonderful time together.
It requires zero preparation (a great alternative if a player cancels last minute).
It’s GMless (a great alternative if your DM cancels last minute).
A session can take less than 3 hours.
It can be played again, again, and again (even within a single afternoon or night).
It has a unique and simple “roll first / describe afterward” system.
Satisfying story arcs are guaranteed thanks to the game’s SIX STEPS.
Whether you want something breezy to play at a moment’s notice or a palate cleanser to play between two campaigns, Paris Gondo- The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying is THE GAME YOU NEED.

The Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying boxset contains:
One rule book (physical copy + PDF) including
An entertaining and informative Replay transcript of a full session inspired by the tabletalk RPGs (テーブルトークRPG) format common in Japan.
The Rules and everything needed to play.
Print-at-home Adventurer Card Decks, Looted Item Cards, and Play-Aids.
Links in the Appendix to a ready-to-play Miro board and anything you need to play online.
The Adventurer Card Decks: 51 double-sided post-its sized dry-erase cards.
The Play-aids: Double-sided dry-erase playmat (featuring a stone that reminds me of my mother), X-card, Sparked joy card, Dungeon Generator table and GonParis Classification table.
Various implements: dry-erase pen and a handful of sparked-joy pebbles.

Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying is designed with a pick-up-and-play mentality. It can be picked and played straight off the shelf. Players can even take turns reading out loud the scripts and instructions as they move from one step to the next. Again, it’s ideal if someone canceled last minute or if you have a strong and sudden desire to declutter your loot.
A session of the play-based GonParis Method is split into a Session Zero and 6 steps.
Session Zero - Just a 5 minutes quick walk through the use of the X-Card and Sparked Joy Card, agreeing on the tone of the session and a little Fulfillment Ritual (no we’re not a cult).
Step 1: The Dungeon - The Adventurers made it all the way to the of this dungeon and defeated the boss and its minions. Let’s have a few flashbacks and find out a few quirky details about them.
Step 2: The Party - Hang on, who are these Adventurers actually? Each player picks a class among the six Adventurers Decks (stretch goal to add two more). They come up with a cool name. They introduce their adventurer and their Starting Inventory to the rest of the Party.
Step 3: The Loot - Each player rolls dice to discover the Affiliated Class, Encumbrance, Usefulness, and Emotion scores of two Looted Items. It’s up to the Players to describe wondrous items inspired by these scores.
Step 4: The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying - Let’s get rid of unwanted items, trade them, or beg other players for one to assemble your Final Inventory.
Step 5: The Journey Home - Did the Adventurers leave something behind that they needed to escape the dungeon or to find their way home?
Step 6: The Emotional Epilogue - Whether the Adventurers made it home or not, it’s time to find out if they’ll have a fulfilling experience tills the end of their days (thanks to their inventory).
Each step sees the players and their adventurers perform specific narrative tasks. Step 1 has optional dice rolls to pull narrative prompts from the Dungeon Generator Table. Steps 3, 5, and 6 have mandatory dice rolls that shape the story. Everything else is freeform but within the comfy narrative framework of the 6 steps of our GonParis Method.