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No Thank You, Evil!

Kylie Says: "I've played a full campaign with kids ranging in age from 5-8. The systems for encouraging their creativity are great and it's simple enough to keep the story moving even for inexperienced Game Masters!"

A Game of Make Believe for Creative Kids and Their Families!

Make-believe, adventure, and storytelling - for the whole family! Explore DragonSnot Falls, Castle Karaoke, Muttropolis, or the Dark Park and use your character's special skills, companions, and equipment to overcome obstacles (like fighting a barbaric yawp, winning over Middlin, the Medium Bad Wolf, or beating a dinomatron at a race) as you solve mysteries, confront bad guys, and say "no thank you" to evil!

Scalable rules adapt easily to the abilities and interests of kids from five on up, so everyone can play together. How will your adventure play out? Your options are limited only by your creativity - it's all up to you!