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Hanabi: Master Artisan Expansion

Currently Unavailable

Hanabi: Master Artisan adds six bonus cardsto the Hanabi card game. Shuffle these cards, then place them near the clue tokens. Instead of flipping a clue token when correctly playing the fifth card of a color, flip a bonus card instead and carry out the special action. The action must be carried out immediately. These actions allow the fireworks master to:

  • Flip a clue token already used (as in the base game) [×2].
  • Choose a card from the discard pile and shuffle it back into the draw pile [×2].
  • Choose another player and tell her the color AND value of a card in her hand (does not require use of a clue token).
  • Flip up to two unused thunderstorm/fuse tokens to flip an equal number of used clue tokens.