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Four Senses

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Slip on an eye-mask or play with your eyes closed.
Take turns placing differently-shaped wooden pieces on the game board.
Forget about trying to see and use your memory to imagine what you are touching with your fingertips!

Be the first player to achieve one of three winning conditions:

  • line up 4 identical pieces in a row
  • line up 4 different pieces on the same level
  • or create 3 rising steps – 1-2-3.


Four Senses is a three-dimensional game for 2 or 3 players, especially suitable for any player with restricted sight.
Equally challenging and fun regardless of vision limitations, this highly tactile game with wooden pieces is based on touch and does not rely on artificial sound effects.
Whether you and your friends are sighted or sight-impaired this game provides a fun evening of strategy, gaming and fun conversation.