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Flower Fairy

Currently Unavailable

A cooperative stacking game to recognize and match colors.

It’s springtime. The buds of the water lilies have already opened. Three big flowers are also growing up on the little island, but have not yet blossomed. Rosalina, in her little bed, is waking up. First she yawns, then stretches and sets off flittering from one water lily leaf to the next.

As she arrives at the little island, she swings her magic wand ... and the three large flowers soon start to bloom. The goal is to build up the flowers before Rosalina reaches the flower island!

On your turn you roll the die and take a piece of the same color. The first piece of a color goes on the same color flower field. The next pieces go on top of the previously placed pieces.

The back of the board is a variant for older children. In this variant you don't have to recognize colors, but shapes.