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Escape the Dark Castle

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Candra Says: "My friends and I play a lot of Role Playing Games, and I have a flair for dark fantasy. I also listen to a lot of Black Metal and Dungeon Synth! You don't have to be into that kind of music to get the 'gritty gothic' look and feel of this fast, casual, over-the-top game of dungeon chaos. Get ready to flip some cards and chuck some dice!"

Escape the Dark Castle
 is a simple, cooperative game of retro-atmospheric adventure.

Players take on the roles of prisoners, wrongfully incarcerated in the depths of The Dark Castle. Whether it’s the Abbot, the Tailor or any of the six playable characters, each prisoner is represented by a character card and a custom character dice showing that prisoner’s unique endowment of Might, Cunning and Wisdom – the game’s three traits.

Embarking on a desperate quest to escape, the players must work together using custom dice and item cards to overcome the castle’s many horrors, traps, and challenges - each of which is represented by a large, illustrated chapter card. At the beginning of each game, 15 of these chapter cards are drawn at random from a larger deck to create a unique castle every time.