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Sunset Over Water

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Candra Says: "A game as beautiful as it is mean! The chill theming and mood-setting artwork get you in, but the genuine strategy in this fast-moving collectathon will bring you back. I recommend this hidden gem for people who want a little bite to their small-scale filler games."

Sometimes you need to get off the beaten path to find a beautiful landscape to paint. Wake up early, hike deep into nature, and find your perfect spot. Some paintings sell for commissions, others you’ll keep for yourself, but you’re always going that extra mile to find inspiration.

Over six days, players gain Renown by hiking to beautiful locations to paint landscapes, which they’ll later sell. Each day, players choose a Planning Card, which allows them to travel through the Wilderness and paint (i.e., pick up Landscape Cards). At day’s end, they can sell paintings to earn Renown (i.e., turn in Landscape Cards to gain Commission cards worth Renown). Players also earn Renown by completing Daily Goals and by possessing Landscape Paintings at game’s end.