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Kagegami High

Currently Unavailable
Kagegami High is a private girls-only school on a small island off the coast of Tokyo. It is a place for learning, menacing government agencies, strange religious practices from the dawn of Japanese history, and moral and physical development, all in a secluded location, free from wicked outside influences. It’s supposed to be a very good, very elite school. You remember hearing that somewhere, though you’re not sure where. You got in, though you’re not sure when you applied, how you passed the entrance exam, how your family is paying for it, or how exactly you got here. There are a lot of things you’re not sure about, but is that really so different from before? What you have before you is a comedic role-playing game where you take on the role of schoolgirls at a strange, surreal high school where every conspiracy, every urban legend, is true, though not necessarily in the way you'd expect. The simple rules and copious random tables bring Kagegami High and the island of Kageshima to life, letting you have countless strange, surreal, and hilarious adventures there. To play you will need some friends, pencils and paper, and six-sided dice (with one die of a different color to be the Weird Die).