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Sherlock Holmes: The Beginning (GNA - Graphic Novel Adventures)

Currently Unavailable

At Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes is in turmoil since the news brought by Scotland Yard: the great novelist Ames Douglas has been poisoned! Everything seems to indicate suicide, but a note with a coded message persuades the famous detective to the contrary ...

Step into the shoes of Dr. Watson and lead the investigation alongside Sherlock Holmes: decide what to look for, pick up the clues and discover the meaning of this coded message, which will lead to the culprit!

Sherlock Holmes is a comic combined with a game, one title in a series subtitled "The comic in which you are the hero". You embody a character in a immersive story in which your choices guide your progress. You have a character sheet akin to those used in role-playing games that tracks your possessions, your special abilities, your coins, and your victory points. In general, gameplay consists in following the comic's panels — which contain clues, riddles and traps — and making choices about where to go and what to do, while using your visual perception to collect clues and be smart enough to resolve the riddles. As in any game, you can lose — sometimes really badly!

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