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Forest Shuffle: Alpine

In the mixed mountain forest of the Alps, all the way up the tree line, you can find numerous animals, plants, and mushrooms. While they share a habitat, they each have their own set of diverse needs.  Forest Shuffle: Alpine is the highly anticipated expansion to the acclaimed card drafting game.

Forest Shuffle: Alpine adds 36 new cards all with new stunning illustrations. 

  • EXPAND YOUR FOREST SHUFFLE EXPERIENCE: Introduce 36 new multifunctional cards to your Forest Shuffle game, adding incredible diversity and fresh strategies to explore.
  • DISCOVER THE ALPS: Venture into the Alpine region with this expansion, bringing new species and two additional tree types to enrich your gameplay.
  • ADDITIONAL TACTICAL DEPTH: Some cards introduce exciting twists to the base game's rules, offering more strategic options and challenges to your forest-building endeavors.
  • PERFECT FOR STRATEGY LOVERS: Designed by Kosch, this expansion enhances the tactical aspects of Forest Shuffle, making it even more engaging for players seeking a thoughtful and strategic card game.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION WITH BASE GAME: Easily shuffle the new cards into your existing Forest Shuffle game for an even more varied and immersive gaming experience.