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Changeling: The Lost 2e

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You know the stories. The hero leaves his village on a terrifying journey, or the waif finds her way through the cold, dark woods. In the end, they kill the giant or shove the witch in an oven. But what happens next? In Changeling: The Lost Second Edition, players take on the role of an ordinary person who has seen the extraordinary. Lured or abducted by the alien Gentry, they have passed the gates and Hedges between our world and the vast fantastic. On the other side of the Hedge, players were changed and forced to play a role. Now, having run from their Keepers and climbed back through the Hedge, you’re back in the world of pizza and Facebook and nuclear anxiety. Now, players see the world is alive with wonders most people never witness...and rife with horrors that count on that unwariness. It’s not always an easy story, not always a happy story. But now it’s their story.