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VS System: MCU Battles

Currently Unavailable

Vs System 2PCG is superficially similar to the original Vs. System collectible card game, but is a completely rebuilt game that takes some inspiration from the original. Combat has been streamlined, the turn structure is different, the resource system has been revamped, and the game is no longer collectible, with cards instead being released in a non-random format. A single box contains a full play-set of all cards.

Each player starts with a Main Character, such as Captain America, Iron Man, or Loki and a deck of 60 cards. During the game, you’ll play resources and recruit Supporting Characters like Falcon, Baby Groot, or Nebula. You’ll organize your formation between your Front and Back Rows, you’ll make solo and team attacks against your enemies in order to stun and KO them. You’ll play Plot Twists to enhance your team or hurt your opponent’s. You’ll play locations and activate your team’s super powers. Your Main Character will earn Experience Points and Level Up to dominate the battlefield. Finally, you’ll KO your opponent’s Main Character (or they’ll KO yours).