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Sagas of Midgard


Sagas of Midgard is a story-driven tabletop RPG that has been developed with cinematic action sequences and the ability to easily tell memorable stories at its core. With a simple yet engaging ruleset, stunning art, and innovative gameplay, Sagas of Midgard has something to offer any gaming group with a story to tell.

The Sagas of Midgard Corebook features:

  • A simple, intuitive rules system that values and encourages player creativity and storytelling over number-crunching and rules reference
  • A rich, fully developed and brutal world in which character death is a feature, not a bug
  • An intuitive, simple character creation system featuring over 27 Surnames and Titles allowing you to make the kind of Viking warrior YOU want to be
  • Over 120 Character Powers, including the universal "With Joy I Cease" that allows you to sacrifice your character gloriously to kill any foe
  • A unique Raiding and Player Settlement system that allows player skill and creativity to overcome challenges and capture cities for their own
  • 24 Runes derived from the Elder Futhark that allow for the use of powerful one-off magics as well as devastating chained effects
  • 39 Savage Monsters, with proprietary "Horde" and "Champion" Templates allowing for epic, large-scale battles in which your Heroes fight through a hundred foes (or more!)
  • 18 Artifacts: powerful magical items that sometimes have a mind of their own
  • Four beautifully written prefabricated Adventures to take you from your first very raid to the literal end of the world