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Quirky Circuits

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Andrew Says: Do you like "The Mind", but want more? Then this game is for you! Do you not like "The Mind" because you think it's just an isolated mechanic with not enough "game"? Then this game could be for you too! Everyone is working together to collectively try and give commands via cards to a robot to have it complete its designated tasks. The catch? No communicating with each other. You'll have to read each other's minds to know what to play next. There is such great emotion from the teamwork of finishing the task just in time, and just as much fun when you're losing and your robot gets stuck bumping around in a corner. You can play several games back-to-back in an hour as you control several different types of robots including a seed planting bee, and a CAT ON A ROOMBA.

Quirky Circuits
 is a game of robot programming silliness in which each player contributes to the programming of an adorable robo-friend. But be warned — no one knows which commands the other players will be tossing in! Will you be able to help the little robot complete its task, or will you unleash automated mayhem? Be careful for you'll have to work together before your robot's battery is drained! With 21 scenarios of increasing intensity, Quirky Circuits is guaranteed to provide hours of brain-bending fun.