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Pyramid Arcade

Currently Unavailable

Pyramid Arcade is a compilation of 22 games that can be played with Looney Pyramids and assorted other components. Looney Pyramids are colored pyramids in three sizes that can nest together.

Pyramid Arcade focuses on games that can be played with three or fewer trees of each color, and includes ten colors of pyramids (ninety in all). It also includes numerous boards, nine dice, and a rulebook explaining all the games.

The individual games are:

  • Black Ice
  • Color Wheel
  • Give or Take
  • Hijinks
  • Homeworlds
  • IceDice
  • IceTowers
  • Launchpad 23
  • Looney Ludo
  • Lunar Invaders
  • Martian Chess
  • Petal Battle
  • Petri Dish
  • Powerhouse
  • Pharaoh
  • Pyramid Shambo
  • Treehouse
  • Twin Win
  • Verticality
  • Volcano (v3.0, aka Fiesta Caldera)
  • World War 5
  • Zark City