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Microscope: Explorer

Currently Unavailable

Microscope Explorer is a new expansion for Microscope, the award-winning fractal role-playing game of epic histories, loaded with tools and strategies to get the most out of your games. Need an idea for your history? More than a dozen step-by-step SEEDS can get you playing quickly, or use an ORACLE to randomly generate one of over forty-thousand possible histories to spark your imagination.

Want to try something different? Play one of three new Microscope spin-off games. Explore family history with UNION. Tell the story of a single city or a sword of power with CHRONICLE. Or travel back in time and re-write history with ECHO.

There s much, much more, like tips for improving play, techniques for collaborative WORLD-BUILDING, and experimental variants like reincarnation histories. Lots of new stuff for you to try out!

Microscope Explorer: History will never be the same.

Requires the Microscope role-playing game.