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Ice-Bound Compendium, The

Currently Unavailable

When Tethys House set out to resurrect our century's most beloved writer as a simulacrum, something went wrong. We don't know what. They tried to hide it. But strange transmissions leaked out anyway, morphing illegally through analog and digital forms: uploaded to pirate servers, broadcast in binary on UHF frequencies, printed in bulk and left on street corners.

Now for the first time all the verified Ice-Bound transmissions are collected in a single printed volume. But the book is just the beginning. With the help of its companion app, you'll descend into the mysterious depths of Carina Station, that legendary polar base forever sinking into ice. You'll connect to your own instance of its creator, our wayward simulacrum. Together you'll complete these fragmented stories. Together you'll find your own ending.

The Ice-Bound Compendium is designed to work in concert with the free digital game "The Ice-Bound Concordance" for webcam-enabled Windows PCs to unlock additional layers of story through augmented reality.