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Grey Ranks

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At sixteen, you've seen enough to know it's now or never.

The Uprising is on and you're in the thick of it-for your family, your country, your faith-and now, most of all, for your first love. Side-by-side, you'll haul ammo to the fight, bring back the wounded, nurse the sick, and bury the dead. Together, you'll move vital intelligence through the lines, always side-by-side. Always. And when it all goes horribly wrong, the things you hold dear will crumble all around you, and saving them might mean letting the Nazis win. So you'll grow up fast, as partisans, sewer rats, executioners, and maybe martyrs-whatever it takes, you'll do it together.

Are you ready?

Grey Ranks is an award-winning role-playing game for three to five players that puts you in the shoes of child soldiers during the Warsaw Uprising. 

The game is designed to be played over three sessions and includes a scene structure, with each scene corresponds to a specific date in 1944. You'll choose historical and dramatic elements that pique your interest to include in each scene. The game is collaborative, and together with your friends you'll work to create challenging, exciting, and poignant scenes for your crew - some mission-oriented, and some strictly personal.