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Fall of the Mountain King (Kickstarter Edition)


The gnome attack was sudden and relentless. They swarmed our tunnels, defiling our mountain home and driving us from our ancestral caverns. Trolls from every clan rushed to the heart of the mountain to defend our Great Halls. We've lost track of how long we've been beating back the endless waves of invaders. Soon, it will be time for a final stand. Will we rise up like champions, or be driven out to the wilderness to fight for survival? Sharpen your blades, brothers and sisters! Raise your hammers! If we trolls must fall, we'll fall fighting like kings!

Fall of the Mountain King is a standalone prequel to In the Hall of The Mountain King, set during the catastrophic war that drove the trolls from their mountain kingdom generations ago. Build your ancestry to drive your actions in the caverns, win the loyalty of the clan Champions, and strive to be trolldom's greatest defender against the gnomish onslaught.

1-5 Players, 75 Minutes, Ages 13+

Kickstarter version including exclusives:
River of Fire mini-expansion
Notorious Gnomes mini-expansion
Copper foiled box
125 Troll miniatures
25 Champion miniatures
30 Gnome miniatures
1 Swarm miniature
Custom Game Trayz inserts
War hammer mini start player marker
65 influence wooden troll hand markers
5 wooden supply barrels
Shiny gold foil elder cards
Dual layered clan boards
Custom wooden gnome wheel pawn
Shiny silver great halls tokens
Wooden troll skull score markers
150 wooden custom shaped ancestry cubes

About the mini-expansions:

River of Fire - Desperate for a weapon to drive off the Gnomes, the Trolls have breached the volcanic crater at the mountain's heart, allowing burning lava to flow out. As the game goes on, you'll try to divert the river of fire to overwhelm the Gnomes, confound your rivals, and draw strength from its intense power. But be careful! Too much heat can burn even the toughest Troll, and devastate unlucky Domains!

Notorious Gnomes - Each notorious gnome causes new headaches for you and offers big rewards for defeating them as well