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Election Night!

Currently Unavailable

Two players or teams battle for critical Electoral Votes in a run for the presidency. Players use the uniquely numbered PlaySmart Dice system to create dice pools which produce numbers that can be added or multiplied to each other, and then assigned to numbered state groups on an indexed Electoral College game board. States with more electoral votes require more sums or products to be assigned to them before they are won by a player or team, and a electoral vote counter lets players keep track of their votes.

The game includes a double-sided game board which has an addition game version and a multiplication game version. Dry erase markers are used to color shape counters (circles and polygons) on individual states and when the majority of the area is filled after enough rolls are assigned to a given state, the votes are credited to a player's total.

The game has several different versions of play (in addition to the two game board sides). More advanced versions of game play include re-rolls and strategy cards that can be strategically used to change sums or products.