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Beyonder: The Science of the Six

Currently Unavailable

This book contains rules for the tabletop RPG, Beyonder.  It also includes a history of the Tamarran Continent, where game play takes place, in-depth descriptions of three places in the world; the city of Tarnath, Naldrin City, and the Region of Jowea.

There are two methods for creating a new PC in this book.  The first is Make-Your-Character-with-an-Adventure (MYCA), where you play a short adventure, make choices, and end up with a custom-made character just to your liking.  The second is the crunchy version where you get to make detailed choices about your PCs stats.

Also includes almost 500 Energetic "Powers", which are the supernatural abilities that allow your PC to shape the world and bend it to your will.

Finally, the book has full-page color illustrations for each of the Ten Races, the playable races in our game.