Role Playing Games

From Dungeons & Dragons to Fiasco, from sci-fi/fantasy to horror and war, Role Playing Games run the gamut of all the story worlds you can imagine. Whether you've been a hard core Role Player for decades or are interested in a narrative story experience to play with your friends in one evening, we have a selection of RPG books and supplies for you.

Role Playing Games (RPGs) are narrative experiences, usually moderated by a Game Master, that require very little outside of dice, pen, paper, and a healthy and active imagination. Some games can span years of regular, episodic group meetings, while others are played in a single evening. They are easy to learn and constrained only by the limits of your creativity.

Stop in and peruse our selection. We specialize in small, independent games while stocking a wide variety of the major players in the industry. Some of our favorites include the tower of terror game Dread, the detailed world of Tolkein's The One Ring, and the old-school swords & sorcery setting of Palladium Fantasy.

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Pre-Owned RPG Books (updated 12/1/17)

We have a SIZEABLE collection of classic and collectors RPG books. Come browse our stock and perhaps you can pick up that hard to find module or sourcebook you've dreamed of!

3G3 More Guns!4.99

A Hero's Tale (AD&D 2nd)9.99

Adventure Pack I (AD&D)29.99

Aftermath! boxed set19.99

All Fall Down (Cyberpunk 2020)3.99

All That Glitters... (AD&D)9.99

Alternity Player's Handbook (Alternity)14.99

Arcana Unearthed (d20)9.99

Arcane Shadows (AD&D 2nd)14.99

Armies of the Abyss: Book of Fiends volume 2 (d20)7.99

Axe of the Dwarvish Lords (AD&D 2nd)19.99

Barebones Fantasy USED14.99

Bastille Day (Cybergeneration)1.99

Birthright: The Book of Priestcraft (AD&D 2nd)24.99

Black Courser (AD&D 2nd)9.99

Blade of Vengeance (OD&D)11.99

Book of Vile Darkness (d20)24.99

Burning Empires USED29.99

C6: Official RPGA Tournament Handbook (AD&D)14.99

Campaign Option: Council of Wyrms (AD&D 2nd)34.99

Carolina Death Crawl USED8.99

Castle Greyhawk (AD&D)19.99

Child's Play (AD&D 2nd)14.99

Chrome Book (Cyberpunk 2020)19.99

Chrome Book 2 (Cyberpunk 2020)19.99

City State of the Invincible Overlord, Revised (OD&D)99.99

Civil War Heroic Roleplaying9.99

CM1 Test of the Warlords (OD&D)19.99

Complete Ranger's Handbook (AD&D 2nd)9.99

Corairs of the Turku Waste (Traveller)5.99

Country Sites (AD&D 2nd)9.99

Creature Crucible: Top Ballista (OD&D)29.99

Crucis Margin (Traveller)5.99

Curse of the Azure Bonds (AD&D 2nd)11.99

D2 Shrine of the Kuo-Toa (AD&D)24.99

D3 Vault of the Drow (AD&D)14.99

Dark Sun: Black Flames (AD&D 2nd)19.99

Darkling Ship (Traveller)7.99

Darrians (Traveller)14.99

Darthanon Queen (Traveller)4.99

Dawn of the Overmind (AD&D 2nd)24.99

DCC 50: Vault of the Iron Overlord14.99

Deadlands 1st ed Rulebook39.99

Den of Thieves (AD&D 2nd)19.99

Destiny of Kings (AD&D)14.99

Die Vecna Die! (AD&D 2nd)39.99

Dogs in the Vineyard USED14.99

Druids of Doom (Judges Guild)7.99

Dungeon Master Option: High-Level Campaigns (AD&D 2nd)15.99

Dungeon Master's Design Kit (AD&D)14.99

Dungeons of Despair (AD&D 2nd)11.99

Earthshaker! (OD&D)9.99

Eco Front (Cybergeneration)1.99

Empires of the Sands (AD&D)14.99

Encyclopedia of Angels (d20)49.99

Eurosource (Cyberpunk 2020)3.99

Eurotour (Cyberpunk 2020)1.99

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk (d20)49.99

Falconmaster (AD&D 2nd)19.99

Fantastic Treasures (AD&D/RoleAids)9.99

Fate of Istus (AD&D 2nd)14.99

Fiasco Companion USED11.99

Fighter's Challenge II (AD&D 2nd)9.99

Fires of Zatal (AD&D 2nd)9.99

Flames of the Falcon (AD&D 2nd)39.99

Forgotten Realms Adventures (AD&D 2nd)14.99

Forgotten Realms: City of Gold (AD&D 2nd)14.99

Forgotten Realms: Curse of the Azure Bonds (AD&D 2nd)29.99

Forgotten Realms: Hordes of Dragonspear (AD&D 2nd)19.99

Forgotten Realms: How the Mighty Are Fallen (AD&D 2nd)24.99

Forgotten Realms: The Magister (AD&D)19.99

Forgotten Realms: The Return of Randal Morn (AD&D 2nd)19.99

Four From Cormyr (AD&D 2nd)14.99

Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar boxed set (AD&D 2nd)49.99

Gamma World (Alternity)39.99

Gamma World Referee's Screen 2nd ed74.99

Gamma World: Famine in Far-Go Boxed Set9.99

Gamma World: Mutant Master14.99

Ghost of Lion Castle (OD&D)19.99

Glimmerdrift Reaches (Traveller)9.99

Glory Hole Dwarven Mine (Universal)24.99

Greyhawk: Falcon's Revenge (AD&D 2nd)19.99

Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins (AD&D 2nd)29.99

GURPS Traveller: Ground Forces4.99

Hall of Heroes (AD&D 2nd)7.99

Hall of Many Panes (d20)49.99

HardWired (Cyberpunk 2020)4.99

Haunted Hall of Eveningstar (AD&D 2nd)34.99

Hoard of the Dragon Queen USED14.99

Home of the Brave (Cyberpunk 2020)9.99

I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City (AD&D)9.99

I2: Tomb of the Lizard King (AD&D)9.99

I5: Lost Tomb of Martek (AD&D)13.99

IM1: The Immortal Storm (OD&D)9.99

Infantry Weapons of the World (Twilight: 2000)14.99

Into the Dragon's Lair (d20)6.99

Into the Maelstrom (OD&D)24.99

Isle of the Ape (AD&D)19.99

Journey to the Rock (OD&D)29.99

Judges Guild Traveller Referee Screen5.99

Judges Guild: Castles Book 1 (U)19.99

Judges Guild: Citadel of Fire (OD&D)9.99

Judges Guild: City State of the World Emperor (OD&D)59.99

Judges Guild: Dark Tower (AD&D)29.99

Judges Guild: Demons of Dundurn (U)9.99

Judges Guild: Drakne Station (Traveller)7.99

Judges Guild: Fantastic Personalities (U)9.99

Judges Guild: Fantasy Game Aid Pack (OD&D)59.99

Judges Guild: Heroic Expeditions (U)9.99

Judges Guild: Of Skulls and Scrapfaggot Green (OD&D)29.99

Judges Guild: Spies of Lightelf (OD&D)9.99

Judges Guild: Survival of the Fittest (OD&D)14.99

Judges Guild: The Book of Treasure Maps (OD&D)19.99

Judges Guild: The Caverns of Thracia (OD&D)39.99

Judges Guild: The Traveller Logbook (Traveller)5.99

Judges Guild: Wondrous Relics (U)9.99

Judges Guild: Wondrous Weapons (U)24.99

Kingdom of Nithia (OD&D)39.99

Lankhmar: City of Adventure (AD&D)27.99

Lathan's Gold (OD&D/Solo)14.99

Legends & Lore (AD&D)19.99

Live and Let Die (007)29.99

Lord of the Iron Fortress (d20)7.99

LotR RPG: Moria (Decipher)19.99

Magic Burner USED11.99

Maranantha-Alkahest Sector (Traveller)5.99

Marco Volo Departure (AD&D 2nd)9.99

Media Front (Cybergeneration)3.99

Midnight on Dagger Alley (AD&D/Solo)14.99

Milieu 0 (Traveller)9.99

Module B4: The Lost City (OD&D)19.99

Module B6: The Veiled Society (OD&D)11.99

Module C2: The Ghost Tower of Inverness (OD&D)13.99

Module DA3: City of the Gods (OD&D)39.99

Module L1: The Secret of Bone Hill (AD&D)29.99

Module L2: The Assassin's Knot (AD&D)25.99

Module S4: Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (AD&D)29.99

Module U2: Danger at Dunwater (AD&D)19.99

Module UK1: Beyond the Crystal Cave (AD&D)9.99

Module UK7: Dark Clouds Gather (AD&D)19.99

Module X8: Drums on Fire Mountain (OD&D)24.99

Monster & Treasure Assortment (OD&D)9.99

Monster Burner USED11.99

Monsters of Myth & Legend (AD&D)9.99

Moonshae (AD&D)24.99

Mystery of the Snow Pearls (OD&D)14.99

Necrology: An Now I Lay Me Down (Cyberpunk 2020)4.99

Necrology: Immortality (Cyberpunk 2020)2.99

Necrology: Of Life, Death and Afterwards (Cyberpunk 2020)3.99

Night City (Cyberpunk 2020)24.99

O1: The Gem and the Staff (OD&D)9.99

Outbreak: Deep Space14.99

Portals of Irontooth (AD&D)14.99

Portals of Twilight (AD&D)24.99

Project Steel (Traveller)14.99

Q1: Queen of the Demonweb Pits (AD&D)14.99

Rage of the Rakasta (OD&D)39.99

Rahasia (OD&D)29.99

Rappan Athuk—The Dungeon of Graves: The Upper Levels (d20)4.99

Rary the Traitor (AD&D 2nd)19.99

Return to the Keep on the Borderlands (AD&D 2nd)24.99

Return to the Tomb of Horrors (AD&D 2nd)49.99

Revenge of the Giants (4e)9.99

Road Striker II4.99

Role Aids: Throne of Evil (AD&D)29.99

S2: White Plume Mountain (AD&D)9.99

Sabre River (OD&D)9.99

Saga of the Shadow Lord (OD&D)49.99

Science Fiction Adventure Campaign Pack (Traveller)24.99

Science Fiction Campaign Booster Pack (Traveller)39.99

Sham-Al-Hiri Roach Set USED14.99

Simba Safari (Traveller)9.99

Slavers (AD&D 2nd)15.99

Star Wars: Invasion of Theed boxed set (d20)14.99

Supplement 2: Traders and Gunboats (Traveller)4.99

Supplement 5-6: The Vehicle Handbook (Traveller)24.99

Swords of the Iron Legion11.99

Tales from the Forlorn Hope (Cyberpunk 2020)2.99

Temple of Ra - Accursed by Set (AD&D)29.99

Temple of the Frog (OD&D)29.99

The Apocalypse Stone (AD&D 2nd)24.99

The Arasaka Brainworm (Cyberpunk 2020)3.99

The Bane of Llywelyn (AD&D)11.99

The Bloodstone Wars (AD&D)69.99

The Complete Fighter's Handbook (AD&D 2nd)7.99

The Dragon Crown (OD&D)24.99

The Dungeoneer Value Pack (Judges Guild)19.99

The Endless Stair (OD&D)11.99

The Gates of Firestorm Peak (AD&D 2nd)29.99

The Gem and the Staff (OD&D)4.99

The Lost Island of Castanamir (AD&D)19.99

The Mines of Bloodstone (AD&D)24.99

The Murky Deep (AD&D 2nd)9.99

The Osiris Chip (Cyberpunk 2020)3.99

The Rockerboy (Cyberpunk 2020)9.99

The Rod of Seven Parts boxed set (AD&D 2nd)59.99

The Ruins of Undermountain (AD&D 2nd)74.99

The Scarlet Brotherhood (AD&D 2nd)44.99

The Shattered Circle (AD&D)9.99

The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor (OD&D)19.99

The Third Imperium: The Spinward Marches (Traveller)9.99

The Tome of Forgotten Magical Items vol. I (U)14.99

The Treasures of Elbard (d20)4.99

The Tree of Life (OD&D)29.99

Thief's Challenge II (AD&D 2nd)9.99

To Find a King (AD&D)19.99

Torchbearer Supplements USED9.99

Tower of Indomitable Circumstance (U)19.99

Traveller 4th edition9.99

Traveller Adventure 1: Beltstrike9.99

Traveller Adventure 2: Prison Planet9.99

Traveller Alien Module 3: Vargr14.99

Traveller Alien Module 6: Solomani4.99

Traveller Book 1: Mercenary (Traveller)24.99

Traveller Book 2: High Guard (Traveller)19.99

Traveller Book 3: Scout9.99

Traveller Book 5: Agent14.99

Traveller Book 6: Scoundrel (Traveller)9.99

Traveller Compendium 1 (Traveller)19.99

Traveller Core Rulebook19.99

Traveller Double Adventure 5 (Traveller)9.99

Traveller JTAS Issues 13-24 (Traveller)29.99

Traveller Supplement 12: Dynasty14.99

Traveller Supplement 3: Fighting Ships (Traveller)14.99

Traveller Supplement 4: Central Supply Catalogue (Traveller)24.99

Traveller: Tancred (Traveller)4.99

Traveller: The Classic Alien Modules 5 - 819.99

Treasure Chest (AD&D 2nd)19.99

Treasure Hunt (AD&D)29.99

Treasure Tales (AD&D 2nd)24.99

TSR Silver Anniversary boxed set179.99

Twilight Calling (OD&D)34.99

Under Illefarn (AD&D)11.99

Universalis USED9.99

Vecna Lives! (AD&D 2nd)44.99

Veiled Alliance (AD&D 2nd)14.99

Vengeance of Alphaks (OD&D)24.99

Waterdeep (AD&D 2nd)29.99

Waterdeep and the North (AD&D)29.99

When Gravity Fails (Cyberpunk 2020)4.99

Wizard's Challenge (AD&D 2nd)9.99

Wrath of Olympus (OD&D)14.99

X1: The Isle of Dread (OD&D)9.99

X2: Castle Amber (OD&D)29.99

XS2: Thunderdelve Mountain (OD&D)19.99