Jigsaw Puzzles

We believe the puzzle-making experience can be therapeutic for both individuals and groups. Puzzle-making is also brain-building and community-building. To that end, we have a large in-store puzzle selection.

We only sell puzzles from high-quality puzzle manufacturers such as Ravensburger, Pomegranate, Cobble Hill, and Springbok. We have a large selection of both European and American cutting styles. [European style is traditional grid and American is irregularly-shaped pieces and “whimsys.”]

We specialize in large-format puzzles for adults, which have been shown to help combat some of the effects of aging on the brain. We also have an impressive selection of large-piece count puzzles—from 3,000-32,000 pieces!

Also browse our puzzle accessories for storage and long-term preservation tools.

Avid puzzlers ourselves, stop in and see some of the completed puzzles we have on display!