What was the last game you played?
What did you like about it?
What did you dislike about it? 

These are questions we are likely to ask you when you walk into Games Unlimited. Why? We want to find out about youyour gaming tastes, and those of the people you play with. We will never recommend a random game to you or try to get you to purchase the newest, hottest game (unless we think it's perfect for you of course!). We strive to ensure that every game we sell is going home with you to make enjoyable gaming memories.

We believe in the value of the games we sell and the value of our many decades' worth of experience playing and selling them. It's that experience and expertise that is the core reason you should shop with us. No matter what conditions you set on the game - player count, price point, portability, genre - we will use our extensive knowledge to find you the perfect game.

We also believe in the brand value of the publishers who make these great games. To respect them and our own level of professionalism we charge full retail price for our games. We believe each any every game in our store is worth it, and that the experience of shopping with us makes it worth it for you too. Check out our Loyalty Program for rewards when you shop with us.