Cooperative Games

Not all games are about beating the other players: a new genre has evolved about competing together against the game. Popularized in 2009 with the release of mega hit Pandemic, cooperative games are the fastest growing segment of games and are perfect for those who get antsy at the prospect of “friendly competition.”

What is a cooperative game? It’s a game where all players work together to beat the game itself. You all either win or lose as a team. These games are frequently quite challenging, requiring a lot of communication and teamwork to overcome many different obstacles. Perhaps you are working for the CDC, jetting around a map of the world trying to find a cure for deadly diseases in Pandemic. Or you could each be a firefighter specializing in different rescue techniques in Flash Point: Fire Rescue. These games craft magnificent stories with varying difficulty levels and enough random elements to make them playable again and again.

Treat yourself to the experience of a cooperative game. Stop by and let us show you how even people who say they dislike games often perk up at the thought of working together to overcome challenges. As a side benefit, most cooperative games play wonderfully as solo experiences.

Cooperatives are especially good for older children and teens who need as many opportunities as they can get to work on their communication skills. They are also perfect for couples who like to play games together, but the competitive nature of one partner is too much for the other to enjoy. Couples and groups of couples benefit from the relationship growth that happens when working together in a game environment. Whatever your specific need, we will be happy to find the perfect cooperative game for your group.

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