Children love games, and contrary to popular belief, games aren’t just for children! Classics such as Candyland and Chutes and Ladders were great for teaching the basics of moving pieces and taking turns, but modern children’s games are so much fun and interactive that even adults love playing them. After all, children are imaginative enough to play games by themselves, but grow better relationships when they can play games with you!

The best thing to hear a child say about a game is “Let’s play again!” The worst thing for an adult is to hear that about a game they can’t stand playing. With that in mind we stock the very best games for children that are so fun you’ll sometimes find yourself playing them with your adult friends!

Our top picks generally come from German family game maker Haba, who utilize high quality wooden pieces for all of their games and have titles for children as young as 2 years old. Another great company is Drei Mageir Speile, who make phenomenally attractive and innovative games that frequently win children’s game of the year awards. Some of our favorite children’s games include Animal Upon Animal, Brandon the Brave, Magic Labyrinth, and Spot it!

Stop in to pick our brains on the wide assortment of children’s games we offer suitable for ages 2 to 10 and up. We keep a collection of open copies of these games and will be happy to show you how they work.

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