5 Reasons Why a Puzzle Is Your Next Date Night(s)

With two young children at home, we--the owners of Games Unlimited--don’t get out much at night. We also don’t see each other much during the day: if one of us is with the kids, the other one is working.

One of the ways we stay connected is by having puzzle or board game date nights at home after the kids are asleep. We find that jigsaw puzzles are amazing tools for helping us stay connected.

Here’s why:

5. You don’t have to dress up, and you don’t need a babysitter.

We store our puzzle in a Puzzle Storage Portfolio under the couch. Although clearing off the table and dragging the puzzle out from under the couch does take more effort than sitting on the couch with a remote control, it’s worth the extra work. Bonus: you can jigsaw in your pjs.

4. Puzzle dates are cost-effective.

Most high-quality 1,000 piece puzzles cost between $15-$20, and they take several hours to complete. Say you work on it for an hour each puzzle date night: that’s 5-10 dates for roughly $20. Add some chocolate and a bottle of wine, and that’s a date most couples can afford.

3. You are working together for a common goal.

So much of a relationship can feel like a contest: Whose career is the focus right now? Who spends more time with the kids? Whose turn is it to cook dinner? Puzzling together reminds you that you’re a team. You work together for a common goal: putting it all together--together.

2. Doing puzzles is a meditation on beauty--which makes you happier.

Boat Puzzle.jpg

Last winter, Kylie chose a boating water scene because he wanted to remember that Summer Is Coming. So by working with hundreds of pieces the exact same shade of blue, we meditated on warmth. Whatever it is you love--art, nature, cats, puppies, cityscapes, candy--there’s probably a puzzle depicting for your inner peace.

1. You end up talking.

Really, doing puzzles together creates space for conversations you probably wouldn’t have had. As you sit and puzzle and the day winds down behind you, your mind drifts to all the various things you’ve been thinking about. Some of these things come out, float in the air between you, and develop into conversation and knowing each other more.


So, come on it and browse our puzzle collection for your next date night! Shop online or in-store--we have one of the largest collections of in-store puzzles in the States.